Lady Frankenstein (Blu-ray)

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Lady Frankenstein (Blu-ray)

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Note: This is the standard retail edition.


Directed by: Mel Welles
Country: Italy (1971)
Running Time: 99 minutes + Extras
Region: B


Only the monster she made could satisfy her strange desires!

It's monster a-go-go up at the castle when Baron Frankenstein and his laboratory assistant, Dr. Charles Marshall, stitch together a creature using body parts supplied by shifty local grave robbers. When they rashly insert a killer's damaged brain into the monstrosity's skull and bring it to life, it crushes the Baron to death and goes on the rampage. Tania, Frankenstein's glamorous daughter, teams up with Charles to continue her father's crackpot experiments. The two fall in love and transplant the aging lab assistant's cerebrum into the body of a hunky servant. Meanwhile, the first monster stalks the countryside, seeking bloody revenge on the bodysnatchers who exhumed the raw materials for its miscreation. It eventually goes after Charles and Tania, but will its brute strength triumph against the seductive wiles of lusty Lady Frankenstein?

Directed by Mel Welles, this twisted gothic tale stars Rosalba Neri (THE DEVIL'S WEDDING NIGHT) as the surgeon whose strange desires could only be satisfied by the monster she made. The legendary Joseph Cotten carries on the curse of Frankenstein as the obsessed Baron, and the cast is fleshed out by Euro-cult regulars Paul Muller (NIGHTMARE CASTLE) and Mickey Hargitay (BLOODY PIT OF HORROR).

See LADY FRANKENSTEIN like never before, stunningly resurrected from the original negatives in a brand new 2K restoration. We are very proud to present the complete and restored director's cut, plus the American theatrical versions packed with bonus special features!

Special Features:

  • Complete and Restored 99 min Director's Cut
  • Complete and Restored 84 min New World Pictures American Theatrical Cut
  • Audio Commentary with Alan Jones and Kim Newman
  • Italian and English Audio LPCM 24 Bit
  • Optional English Subtitles
  • The Truth About Lady Frankenstein (2007) - German TV Special (42 mins)
  • New Featurette - Piecing Together Lady Frankenstein (35 mins)
  • Featurette - The Lady and The Orgy (8 mins)
  • Bigfilm Magazine (1971) - Italian Lady Frankenstein Photo Novel
  • BBFC's 1972 Theatrical Censor Notes
  • English, Italian, German and 3 x US Trailers
  • US TV spots
  • US Radio Spots
  • Home Video Releases Gallery
  • Extensive Image Gallery

Cast: Joseph Cotten, Rosalba Neri, Paul Muller, Peter Whiteman, Herbert Fux, Mickey Hargitay, Renata Cash, Lawrence Tilden, Ada Pomeroy, Andrew Ray, Johnny Loffrey, Richard Beardley, Peter Martinov, Adam Welles.


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