Cruel Passion

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Cruel Passion

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Directed by: Chris Boger
Country: UK, 1977
Running Time: 95 minutes + Extras
Other Titles: Justine/Amori vizi e depravazioni di Justine/Justine - Grausame Leidenschaften
Region: All

Based on the Marquis De Sade's notorious novel Justine, this outrageous and controversial British sexploitation/nunsploitation drama is now available UNCUT in the UK for the first time in all its lascivious and lustful glory!

Justine (Koo Stark, the star of Emily and a former girlfriend of HRH Prince Andrew, Duke of York) wishes to remain innocent and virginal, but instead slips into a life of debauchery, torture, whipping, slavery and salaciousness. Meanwhile, her brazen, flirtatious and liberated sister Juliette ironically receives nothing but happiness and reward for her wanton behaviour. Justine's only possible hope of true love and salvation is one of her sister's former lovers, the suave and elegant Lord Carlisle (Martin Potter from Fellini Satyricon and cult classics Goodbye Gemini, Craze, and Satan's Slave). But is he as virtuous as he seems? Will redemption finally smile upon our heroine? Or will the fates conspire to turn her romantic dream into a blood-soaked nightmare?

Featuring sex-crazed priests, lesbian abbesses, flaming crosses, trippy dream sequences, bondage, brandings galore, classic period settings and costumes, and locations reminiscent of Hammer Films in their prime, Cruel Passion is a tormented and tortuous treat for Britsploitation buffs, as well as those who love lusting after frilly-bodiced, tight-bustled, nubile toothsome strumpets.

So, whip yourself into shape, sit back and marvel here at a bevy of corseted coquettes, including Ann Michelle (Psychomania, Virgin Witch, Haunted) and Glory Annen (Felicity, Outer Touch, Prey), and let Nucleus Films guide you through another naughty slice of saucy 70s sado-sexual shenanigans!

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Koo Stark, Martin Potter, Lydia Lisle, Katherine Kath, Hope Jackman, Maggie Peterson, Barry McGinn, Louis Ife, Jason White, Ann Michelle, Malou Cartwright, David Masterman, Ian Mckay, Alan Rebbeck, Jeannie Collings, Jennifer Guy, Barbara Eatwell, Glory Annen, Echo Strade, International Crisis, Ken Hicks, Ian Cullen, Joanna Andrews, Yvonne Quentet, Jaz.

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