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Directed by: Pierre B. Reinhard

Country: France, 1985

Running Time: 96 minutes + Extras

Other Titles: Éducation perverse / Erotic Playgirls

At a decadent 1930s party, two very sexy and utterly shameless young women, Nathalie (Veronique Catanzaro) and Eliane (Cornella Wilms), make a bet with a rich and handsome young Baron to corrupt two innocent teenagers in order to ruin their families' reputations. The prize on offer is marriage to the wealthy Baron.
The innocent and beautiful Nathalie, the illegitimate child of an aristocrat, seeks revenge on her father, Leroy-Murville (Henri-Jacques Huet). She is hired as the private teacher of her half-sister, sexy Sophie (Katya Strambi), and takes shape using the most depraved teaching methods.
Meanwhile, the seductive Eliane sets out to corrupt the teenage son of Colonel Montvilliers (Andre Nader) using similarly perverse methods. 
What you will see in this highly charged Sadean journey into sexual depravity and corruption of the innocent will astound you. Prepare yourself for all manner of unspeakably depraved sexual acts, together with a grand display of some of the finest lingerie in this classic example of French erotica.
Previously only available in a heavily censored version, DRESSAGE can finally be appreciated in its fully uncut and sexual glory for the first time in the UK.

Special Features:
• 1.85:1 Widescreen transfer enhanced for Widescreen TVs
• Original French audio
• English dubbed audio
• Optional English subtitles
• Theatrical Trailer - French
• Theatrical Trailer - English
• Trailer for follow-up, "Education Anglaise"
• Image Gallery of Poster Art, Video Art, Lobby Cards etc

Véronique Catanzaro, Patrick Guillemin, Marc Henry, Henri-Jacques Huet, André Nader, Sylvie Novak, Katya Strambi, Cornélia Wilms, Pierre Doris, Carole Grove, Marie José Urbain, Kate Nelson, André Vinouze, Myriam Daujat, Annick Chatel, Bernatd Musson.